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The Calcot Hotel Academy

Forward thinking and market leading, The Calcot Group has achieved an outstanding reputation for its exceptional service. Our training programme was designed to ensure they stay one step ahead.

We developed their leaders, creating emotionally strong role models who collaborated effectively across teams. They inspire exceptional performance, promote greater leadership accountability and respond effectively to change. Here's how we did it...

People Performance

We developed a dynamic leadership academy for the Heads of Departments of the five luxury hospitality brands across Calcot Group. The five stage programme was a challenging and intensive learning journey comprising leadership workshops, action-centred learning, 1:1 and group coaching, and cross-departmental guest experience action mentoring.

Key elements:

Leaders worked together to develop a new suite of guest experience initiatives. These included 'quick wins' for individual departments, as well as bigger business-wide projects. Leaders collaborated across hotels ensuring the culture of the business was one of relentless focus - treating the guest experience as a journey that never ends. Teams developed procedures to gather greater pre-arrival information to facilitate personalised welcome cards, individual in-room gifts and itinerary suggestions. A personalised concierge service was developed to offer a new range of experience packages and customer forums were introduced.

Leaders explored ways to increase employee engagement. Through staff forums, they got to know and understand their teams more, helping staff feel listened to and valued. They created new staff induction training and mentoring programmes, designed to develop key talent across the business. With a view to increasing accountability, leaders introduced a ‘See It – Own It – Solve It’ empowerment policy which removed the ‘its not my job/department’ issue.

Leaders learned new guest experience positive language, and trained their teams. They worked together to develop and implement a new complaint management structure, designed to give staff greater confidence when managing customers.

Key Results

  • TripAdvisor reviews and ranking improved, thus facilitating the incremental introduction of higher room rates.
  • New performance-focused environments have increased productivity.
  • Greater recognition and team appreciation has increased employee motivation.
  • Numerous promotions have been awarded as employees begin to realise their potential.
  • The business bought two further hotels, in absolute confidence that their leaders were able to support this level of growth and development.

A Client’s Perspective…

“From entry level to senior management, training has always been at the core of our success. It is fundamental to the long term retention of our staff, to our award winning offers and the happiness of our guests. So, it is critically important that our training reflects current thinking and is ahead of the curve, which is why we selected Sidona. Their expertise in customer experience and in nurturing leadership skills is second to none. We know they will help us take our business to the next level.” Paul Sadler, General Manager, Calcot Manor