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ISG Pearce

Ambitious and forward thinking, ISG Pearce's Managing Director had set a clear vision in place for the business. However, if the business stood any chance of achieving the budgetary targets, they desperately needed to arrest a decline in turnover and grow stronger. This was to be achieved by delivering exceptional customer experiences. Here’s how we helped…

Customer Insight

We conducted perception research. We identified customer expectations at each stage of interaction, and measured ISG Pearce’s performance. For additional insight, this was compared to key competitors. This process provided valuable insight into the impact of staff behaviour on company reputation and customer loyalty.

We also spent time with the internal team. We carefully observed interactions, assessed attitudes, and noted operational challenges. We found that the business displayed a typical ‘construction mentality’, rather than that of an industry leader.

People Performance

We hosted a two-day workshop for leaders - if customer experience were to change significantly, it was vital that the change came from the front. Together, we identified blocks to change and spotted quick wins.

A shared vision and set of values was agreed with the teams. A common service language and appropriate service behaviours were defined and cascaded to 350 team members through half-day awareness sessions.

The learning was supported within the organisation by coaching. Commitments to individual action plans were made so that all teams could contribute to the development of the customer-centric culture.

Customer Experience Strategy

Processes and systems were enhanced to improve the delivery of a great experience and achieve the company objectives.

A new customer-led tool was introduced to enable all teams to identify, manage and meet customer expectations. This was crucial to creating a competitive advantage.

A new post of Customer Experience Director was created to drive through the changes and give the customer experience a high profile within the organisation.

Key Results

At 18 months post-training, customers felt that:

  • ISG Pearce were the market leader in terms of business strength.
  • They trusted ISG Pearce more.
  • ISG Pearce would deliver a consistent performance.

Furthermore, ISG Pearce achieved all its measurements of success, despite the recession. This included an increase in repeat business to 83% of turnover; a growth in profit, and the formation of nine new partnership frameworks.

Sidona received a National Training Award for this project. They complimented our research and approach: “The original research undertaken by Sidona came across as highly professional and extremely thorough". They thought this process had "significantly contributed to the status of the programme and resulted in ISG Pearce employees becoming really committed to feedback and improvement, which was clearly evidenced. The lead taken by Sidona and their contribution to ISG Pearce was exceptional.”

A Client’s Perspective...

“Our people have traditionally been employed for their technical and managerial skills; we hadn’t viewed the management of customer emotions as a required skill set. Everyone understands how their attitude, actions and conduct have such an impact upon the customer’s perception of their experience and the long-term success of ISG Pearce. Our customers now feel we have some of the best construction staff in the region, providing exceptional customer experiences is now a normal part of what we do.” Andrew Staniforth, ISG Pearce’s Director of Customer Experience.