Hospitality Leadership Self-Assessment

Hospitality Leadership Self-Assessment

A Great Guest Experience Leader will demonstrate these behaviours and skills. It is not an exhaustive list. It's a starting point for you to assess yourself.

Does this describe you? Some of the time? All of the time? Not at all?

If you would like to develop your or your teams leadership capabilities and performance take a look at our Hospitality Leadership Programme and Case Studies. You may also like to view our latest Hospitality Leadership Videos for further support.

1. Emotional Intelligence

  • I am fully aware of what triggers me to experience negative emotions and can manage this to achieve successful outcomes
  • I am fully aware of what triggers my staff to experience negative emotions and can help them manage that positively to achieve successful outcomes.

2. Inspiring and engaging staff

  • I ensure all my staff are trained with the latest skills to identify, manage and meet guest expectations
  • I actively listen weekly to my staff's thoughts on the customer feedback they have received, and their suggestions on how to improve the guest experience.
  • I empower and encourage my staff to make small achievable changes to improve the guest experience every week.
  • I am open, honest and supportive with my staff and ensure I am easily accessible and approachable.
  • I recognise immediately the staff that have delivered great service to encourage those behaviours to be repeated

3. Communications

  • My language is positive, encouraging and demonstrates a can do attitude.
  • I give in the moment feedback to staff to help them improve and continue doing what is great
  • I measure staff performance through observation and weekly coaching conversations so that everyone knows what is expected of them.
  • I talk with guests every week and ask for feedback on our guest experience
  • I share guest experience stories with my team every week and make them aware of our business performance and that of our competitors.

4. Problem Solving

  • I take care to define each problem before solving it and ask lots of questions about the nature of the problem.
  • I ensure I have all the information I need to solve a problem.
  • I strive to look at problems from different perspectives and generate multiple solutions
  • I always find a solutions, ensure others understand and support my solution and monitor the effectiveness of this solution.
  • I do what I can to avoid that problem reoccurring.

5. A guest centric role model

  • I am committed to a clear vision of the guest experience my guests value and all my decisions support this.
  • I know what emotions my guests want to feel from our guest experience at the key touch points.
  • I know and care what my customer's opinions of our behaviours and actions are.
  • I passionately role model the behaviours I want to see in my staff all the time.
  • I employ people who have a positive attitude, love serving people and accept our vision and remove people who do not.
Scoring – You Decide. Do you need to achieve more, do things differently or enhance your knowledge and skills to lead your team to deliver a memorable and profitable guest experience? Good Luck Thank you< Derek Blackburn Managing Director
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