Guest Experience Masterclass: 8 Videos That Will Change Your Hotel

Guest Experience Masterclass: 8 Videos That Will Change Your Hotel

Created with hoteliers in mind, this new video series offers top tips and actionable insights to help increase revenue, drive guest loyalty, and gain serious competitive advantage. Tackling the end-to-end guest journey, the series is dedicated to ambitious hoteliers who want to stop talking and start doing! With information delivered in short, succinct videos, this is the perfect start to your learning journey.

Video 1: The Guest Experience - Stop Talking Start Doing!

Here we examine how guest emotions drive revenue and look at ways to engage your team in emotionally engaging your customers.

Video 2: Wishing I Was your Guest

Introducing the Guest Experience Cycle - the journey your guest takes with you which starts long before they arrive. Get ideas on how you can influence would-be guests, ensuring they choose your hotel.

Video 3: I am Booking an Experience, Not Just a Room

Let's look at the reservations experience; it's a vital stage in your guests journey with you. Here we share a series of must-have ideas that'll not only help you identify and meet guests' expectations, they'll also maximise revenue. Remember your guests are booking an experience with you, not just a room!

Video 4: Make Me Welcome

Here we examine the multiple welcomes your guests receive from different parts of your hotel. We share techniques and processes you can use to make all your guests feel valued and special every time; get this right and increased guest spend will follow.

Video 5: Leading the Guest Experience

What key skills are needed to create a guest-centric culture and high performance team? What behaviours will drive revenue from your guest experience? Every aspect of your guests' stay is impacted by the choices leaders make; this video guide delves deep into the secrets behind strong leaders.

Video 6: Leading Delivery of the Guest Experience

Building on video 5, here we share the key leadership behaviours that drive profitable guest experiences.

Video 7: Guest Experience Language

The language you use has a powerful impact on your guests' experience. It can influence their spend as well as your post-stay reviews. This video will help you create positive guest experience language that is appreciative, sincere and genuine.

Video 8: Missing You Already

In this final episode of our Guest Experience Masterclass series we examine the departure experience. This is a key driver in guests' desire to return, recommend, share their stories and post positive feedback. Does your goodbye sum up what is wonderful about your guest experience?

Thank you so much for watching this series. We really appreciate your support and hope this series has added value to your people, guests and business results!


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