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Customer Experience Strategy

As leaders, we all hope that frontline teams will do their best, but the reality is that ‘best’ is a very individual concept. If you don’t have a Customer Experience Strategy, with a clearly defined experience statement, you are leaving experience to chance.

86% of customers will stop doing business with an organisation because of a bad customer experience (source: Google); can you really afford to ignore this?

To guarantee that guests or customers are treated to a genuine and consistent customer experience, you must first ensure that there is parity across your team. Get this right and the rewards can be immense: lifetime loyalty, cost savings, advocacy and increased profitability.

We develop remarkable customer experiences

We have an outstanding track record for driving business transformation through customer experience. We work with businesses who want align their services and experiences. We inspire their teams, and work alongside them, creating strategies designed to deliver truly outstanding experiences.

We share our knowledge

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“The whole programme has had an extraordinary effect on the team. All the leaders are driving unique and positive change through their individual properties improving both the internal and external customer experience.”  
Mark Godfrey, Harbour Hotels Group


Our approach will be tailored to your requirements; there are typically three phases:

Phase 1: Customer Insight

Through telephone interviews or focus groups with your customers, we collect clear feedback from your most loyal patrons, as well as finding out what drives first time customers to give you a try. We gain an intricate understanding of the emotional customer journey and hold employee interviews (for an internal perspective), too.

Phase 2: Executive Team Strategy Workshop

By immersing ourselves in the latest thinking and best practice, we can open our eyes to new opportunities to delight. We will share leading tools and techniques with you, with a view to agreeing a set of unique, memorable and personalised experiences.

Key workshop outputs will include:

  • A clearly defined experience statement
  • A clear direction, defining where you need to ‘wow’
  • An implementation plan
  • Journey milestones
  • Conditions of success (measurement)

Phase 3: Tailored Follow-up

This may include coaching, additional training, strategy roll-out, communication planning, live experiences, or further workshops (based on your individual requirements). It will certainly include evaluation and measurement - we will measure your results fastidiously, so you can clearly see your return on investment.

The team behind the Sidona Group are award-winning customer experience experts. We are frequently invited to work alongside global organisations, as well as smaller growth businesses (more about us). Perhaps it’s time we talked? Get in touch…