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Customer Insight

Your customers' expectations are at an all-time high. And the reality is, that if they’re not met, their voices are louder than ever. What if you’ve got a great product, strong processes, and a dedicated team in place, but you’re still hungry and want to be better? Then customer insight is for you.

High-performing, outstanding businesses know their customers intimately. They have an intricate understanding of what makes a great experience, and more importantly how it feels. They use this insight to create genuine and honest experiences that their customers love. The result? Increased conversion, repeat custom, loyalty and advocacy.

We specialise in customer research and insight

Through telephone interviews or focus groups with your customers and employees, we can provide the insight you need to make Customer Experience research your most powerful USP. You will gain access to clear feedback from your most lucrative and loyal customers, as well as finding out what drives first time customers to give you a try. We will evaluate your customers' emotional journey, carefully assessing each of the key touch points.

We share our knowledge

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We invite you to work with us to uncover…

The key drivers behind customer choice

  • Why existing customers choose you.
  • Why lapsed customers no longer choose you.
  • How to make prospective customers choose you.

Insights from the ‘moment of truth’

  • How did your customer feel at each touch point?
  • Which aspects did they value most? And least?
  • What impact has this had on their repeat custom and advocacy?

Wider secrets about perception

  • Is there anything holding you back? (customer/employee perspective)
  • What changes could you make to exceed customer expectation?
  • How do customers perceive your competitors?

We turn customer feedback into actionable insights. Armed with this knowledge, you be able to pinpoint which service standards are adding value, and use them to create unique and memorable experiences that will exceed expectations. We share your passion for excellence; is it time we talked? Get in touch…