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Customer Experience Coaching

With training budgets forever under scrutiny, it is critical that the results achieved from your endeavours are measurable, sustainable and, well, considerable! Coaching is one of the most powerful and intensive learning methods available; we use coaching as an effective tool to support the application of learning to real time situations and challenges.

Studies indicate that 26% of employees do not feel that they have the training or resources to excel in their role (source: TINYPulse). Sidona coaches can help. Whether you are a leader stepping up into a new role, a member of the frontline customer service team seeking to excel, or part of the executive management board, we can support you in your pursuit of extraordinary results and staff retention.

By raising self-awareness and skills, coachees become more able to solve their own problems and manage performance. Flexible and adaptable, coaching can take place through Group Coaching Days, Action Planning and Accountability Days, or through 1:1 sessions.

We get results

Working at an executive level, and with frontline team members, we have achieved impressive, sustainable results. Coaching can embed learning and enhance customer experience initiatives.

Team members will be able to…

  • Cope successfully with personal and organisational change.
  • Step confidently into a new roles and challenges.
  • Manage difficult customers, complaints and challenging behaviour.
  • Manage stress to achieve positive outcomes.

Leaders will become effective role models who…

  • Effectively plan and develop strategies to manage change sensitively.
  • Successfully gain buy-in to new initiatives.
  • Build positive individual and team relationships.
  • Inspire others to achieve better performance.
  • Resolve conflict between individuals, teams, customers and suppliers.

Best in class leadership, continuous improvement, and long-term behavioural change all rely on frequent focus. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to retain and develop your best talent, whilst enhancing the Customer Experience Culture in your organisation. Contact us to find out more…

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