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Customer Experience Masterclass

The customer experience is today’s competitive battleground – over 90% of business leaders rate it as critical to their success. However, only 6% of companies are considered to deliver excellent customer experiences (source: Forrester). How do you measure up?

At a time when competition is greater than ever, memory creation is critical. Positive memories drive loyalty, advocacy and deep competitive advantage. To build powerful emotional connections, and turn customers into faithful fans, we must challenge convention. We must immerse ourselves in the customer experience.

We deliver tailored training experiences

We have an outstanding track record for driving business transformation through customer experience. Our high-energy masterclasses give teams the opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest trends, research and best practice. By exploring new ideas, teams hone in on strategies to build brand differentiation. They redefine customer experiences, developing ways to make them memorable, unique and, above all, profitable.

Typically hosted over one to two days, your customer experience masterclass will be tailored, based on your objectives. Fast-paced yet thought-provoking, we will define how success will be measured, and the returns you can expect.

We get results

Working with a wide range of businesses, in the UK and internationally, we have developed an enviable reputation for driving sustainable growth.

Your teams will learn:

  • What customers really value.
  • Key guest experience concepts and strategies.
  • Methods to assess your customer experience.
  • Practical techniques to identify, manage and meet expectations.
  • The secret to building emotions with truly memorable experiences.
  • How to master the art of the customer experience language.
  • Ways to empower teams to deliver exceptional experiences.
  • How to create their own customer experience strategy.

The teams we work with actively take accountability for creating and owning the Customer Experience Culture. The rewards can be immense: 87% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience (source: Forbes). Imagine that. Get in touch, let’s talk…

We share our knowledge

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