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Frontline Skills Workshops

Astoundingly, only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs (source: Gallup). Imagine the effect this has on your customer experience… Or maybe you’d rather not?! In an age when people can broadcast their experiences far and wide, employees urgently need to engage in the customer experience – to create it, own it, and feel proud of it.

If your frontline team are to make real emotional connections through compelling customer experiences, they need first class skills. We can help. We develop teams who consistently go beyond what customers expect. They win high value business and build valuable lifetime loyalty.

We develop personalised learning experiences

In many instances, we begin will by observing your team in their natural environment (mystery shopping), before carefully-crafting your learning programme. The result? Personalised workshops that are practical, memorable, challenging and fast-paced.

Together, we will examine attitudes and consider how to create special memories, consistently. Teams will unlock the secrets to award-winning communication, advanced customer relationship management, assertiveness and improved self-awareness.

We get results

We specialise in creating learning programmes that are engaging, affordable and, above all, unforgettable. Your teams will return to their roles committed to owning the customer experience.

Frontline staff will develop a deeper understanding of...

  • The impact their role has on the customer experience.
  • Who their customers are, and what they value.
  • How individual attitudes affect the customer experience.

Frontline staff will be equipped with...

  • A range of techniques to manage and exceed expectations.
  • The confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations.
  • Advanced communication skills, including powerful service language.

When businesses engage their customers and employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes (source: Gallup). Is it time we talked? Get in touch...

We share our knowledge

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