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Leadership Programmes

The difference between the impact of a top-performing leader, and an average leader, is at least at least 50% (source: DDI Global Leadership Forecast).  In a world where when customer expectations are at an all-time high, the effect of mediocre leadership doesn’t bear thinking about.

We develop outstanding service leaders. They create compelling customer experiences. They engage their teams in the design process, overcoming obstacles, all in the relentless pursuit of improvement. Such leaders add significant value to your people, your business and your customers.

Our results-driven leadership programmes have been known to transform organisations. Over a period of several months, your leaders will develop a deep understanding of the customer experience, and the tools required to evoke positive emotions, consistently.

We create unique learning journeys

We are considered to be one of the best training providers in the UK. Your personalised leadership programme will be modular and experiential, yet practical. It will be underpinned by some of the finest thought-leadership (such as Gosling's 'Five Minds of a Manager').

We'll help you get right to the heart of what it takes to create compelling customer experiences. We will define how success will be measured, and the returns you can expect.

We get results

Leaders will nurture outstanding teams by:

  • Creating rewarding employee experiences.
  • Attracting, retaining and growing the best hospitality staff.
  • Inspiring staff to achieve quick wins.

Leaders will take personal responsibility for positive change:

  • Setting clear goals and expectations using action-planning tools.
  • Measuring and sharing success.
  • Actively supporting change initiatives across the business.

Internal teams will strive for excellence:

  • Creating emotional bonds with customers.
  • Recognising you as an employer of choice (loyalty).
  • Intuitively seeking opportunities to create positive memories.

The highest quality leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in financial performance, quality assessments, employee engagement and customer satisfaction (source: DDI). Invest in your leaders, and you invest in your whole team. Is it time we talked? Get in touch...

We share our knowledge

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