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Professional Services

Improving the Client Experience

True client loyalty is the most powerful way to build sustainable competitive advantage. Clients will assess you on first impressions and trust is critical. They will want to feel assured that it's easy to do business with you, and that you'll keep your promises - meeting their expectations.

We work with the the professional services sector to improve the client experience. We increase conversions, drive client loyalty, and generally remove any roadblocks.

Our Approach

We have worked closely with a selection of well-known legal practices, business services and architects. We can work with your leadership and frontline teams to achieve significant, measurable results.

We will tailor our approach to your clients, your staff, your objectives and your budget, creating a personalised, measurable learning journey. It may incorporate client research, leadership programmes, frontline skills workshops, coaching, and more.

Our services…

Our Experience

We specialise in loyalty. Loyal clients are less price sensitive, easier to work with, and largely immune to competitive entreaties from other firms. Some examples of how we work:

Customer Insight: Primary research into ‘first impressions’ for a legal practice who wanted to convert more enquiries. We made mystery shopper enquiries, assessed their conversion potential, and developed an action plan that increased positive emotional connections. Read our case study...

Customer Experience Strategy: Developed a dynamic learning partnership for one of the South West’s top legal firms. Designed to unite the business following a period of change, we implemented a leadership programme, held client experience masterclasses and facilitated live experience days. Read our case study...

People Performance: Designed a service leadership programme for a long-established firm of solicitors who wanted to increase private client business in the wake of the changes to the legal aid fee structure. Read our case study...